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Howdy Folks:

We have MORE ‘sixgun Salutes’ to do! We’ve just learned that our old FD artist /compatriates, Jack Fritz, and Gil Guerra have ‘headed west’! (We lost one of our own members recently; Paul Terry!) It sure seems to be ‘raining’ on Fast Draw afficiendoes these days!!

We are sorry to be ‘losing’ Howard Darby-no he ain’t ’heading west’-he’s heading east- as he will be going back to Alberta for a new job there. (and as most know, that is where his home is.)  He will come back to enter the July contest, Howard was once President of Thunderbirds just prior to his move to Alberta, and has learned lots from the early days of the Thunderbirds, where he learned to twirl and shoot guns and did many shows and parades with us, as he ‘grew up‘ in our ‘back yard‘ so to speak.. His presence WILL be missed here, but we will see him in future contests, where we will get to witness that ‘Howard Torque” draw, which is like no other. (When Howard twists his gun out of the holster the motion is so ‘violent’ that the ‘torque’ throws his arm up in the air!) But it pays off. In his last Gun Of The Month, here (last Friday) Howard shot a .244 and backed it up with two .25’s! I have put one of the photos (that almost caught the draw!) on here for your perusal.

We’ll see you soon and THANKS for your support!

Some GOOD news: Received word from Jim Tinsley, that his lady, Margie, is looking to be
‘on the mend’-she has a new ‘hairpiece’ and even cooked dinner for them the other night! Please keep up the good fight, Margie! We’ve sent some prayers, and more are on the way!!

Well, some of the Invites have been sent out and we have some of the usual confirmations and, as usual, some that are unable to attend as well as one that is ‘on the fence’ at this time. Not all the invites have been sent, and time is a factor., but we are getting there.  (We are slightly ahead of last year at this time.) We will receive a donation for the contest from one of our usual donors, to be mentioned later, and the donor is also entering. Some of our own members have been donating items to the event, and there are some that have promised to do so, so, outside of the odd permit’s ?, things are ‘smoothing along’…

A BIG THANKS to Ted Schenkeveld whose help has been great through the website (and other things) !

Ted is leaving soon for Alberta to do some ‘other kinds of shooting’ and ‘horse backing’, as he usually holidays there this time of year. Sooo, there will not be any website reports until he returns, BUT there will be reports to the FB page (that Shawn Murphy looks after) so PLEASE keep your eyes open on that as we will be making announcements-important (and/or otherwise), on there as well…THANKS SHAWN!
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PRACTICE THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! (We will be bringing our daughter, Corinne Taylor, & family, out to watch and/or try out a little Fast Draw.)

CANADA DAY SHOW! This Friday we will also decide on times to pick up the equipment for Sunday’s (Canada day) show. Hannah Bennett, the former organizer of the events, has moved along, and Den has requested the info for the show-including our start time-from our new organizer. (Just waiting for that.)
Scripts will be ready by Sunday’s show.


1st O/A- Den Robinson -“We’ll get you next month!” goes the chorus…)
2nd O/A-Paula Murphy-Nice shooting, girl!
3rd O/A-Shawn Murphy-“Sorry, but I believe in ‘ladies first“ …once in a while…” Says he.
4th O/A-Karen Robinson-”Hey, that’s me!”
5th O/A-Don Alger-#His SECOND time in a row in the TOP FIVE-watch out, gunslingers!


FASTEST SHOT-Howard Darby, .244!  GOOD SHOOTING FOLKS! (NO ONE went ‘clean’ though…sigh…)

“S’all she wrote” As they say.

PLEASE take care and have FUN, Folks!

Karen Robinson,
Thunderbird FDClub.

Well, we finally have our brochure completed for the July Contest in Aldergrove, that is, now that Den has managed to have a holster donated for this one the 11th year in a row! A tremendous THANK YOU to Bob Marshall of Bob’s Leather Works!


Note: photos are available on the "classic" desk top version website.




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